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 "I can't believe how
fast you go in that boat!"

--Traci Cole,
Sound Rowers racer


The Cadence—Fast and Practical!

Imagine yourself moving quickly and quietly from island to island, with sunlight bouncing off the water, the sounds of seagulls calling, waves gently lapping against the hull of your sleek vessel. You reach for your camera to take a photo of the scenery and admire the view, under way all the while. Ahead you spy a group of kayakers heading along the same course. Within minutes you catch up, exchange greetings, and effortlessly pass by.

Soon you are headed for the remote island camp grounds near the outer reaches of the archipelago. Stowed within the spacious cargo holds of your boat are equipment and enough supplies for weeks of independent travel. This is the kind of freedom previously available only in your dreams!

The Cadence

After years of research and testing under an extremely wide range of conditions, the dream of high performance pedaled boating has become a reality. With dimensions similar to a sea kayak, but with much higher performance, the Cadence enables you to use your strongest muscles to propel you swiftly through the water. This means that you can travel longer, faster and not be as tired when you get there.

The pedal drive system is designed to accommodate an extraordinarily wide range of people. By means of two levers the system can be adjusted  for people as short as 4’ 6” to as tall as 6’ 6”. This can easily be adjusted at any time.

In addition, through the use of standard bicycling cranks, you can replace the standard rubber trimmed platform pedals with clipless ones—or any other type of bicycle pedals that you prefer. Take along your bicycling sandals with your favorite bicycle cleats, or wear your water socks!

Seated in a comfortable reclined seat your hands are available to steer, take photographs, fish and wave at landlubbers and those in other vessels. You just lay yourself back and enjoy the scenery!

With two jumbo-sized storage compartments separate from the cockpit, you can easily take along all the supplies, equipment and cargo that you could want. Secured by strong stretch cords and brackets, the large rubber sealed hatches make loading and unloading of these compartments a breeze. This is in sharp contrast to  kayaks where, due to the shapes of their hulls, there is far less storage space available.

Race Proven

The Cadence has entered and completed every race sponsored by the Sound Rowers in the Pacific Northwest. This is a series of long distance races under open water conditions ranging from local lakes and estuaries to the furthest reaches of Puget Sound. Water and weather

Leave the competition in your wake!
Actual race photo

conditions have ranged from calm and sunny to high winds, waves and rain, with strong tidal currents as well!

In all these races the Cadence has always come in first place in the pedal boating category and typically in the top third of all boats overall. This includes racing shells, surf skis, kayaks and outrigger canoes. This is even more amazing as the pilot of this vessel, a moderately fit middle aged man, also took thousands of photos during these races!

Easy to Use

The Cadence is extraordinarily easy to use. It can be loaded onto the tops of most cars and vans using standard kayak roof rack hardware. With our optional beaching dolly one person can easily load and unload it from a car top and wheel it from the parking lot to the launch area.

Once placed in the water it is easy to board the vessel, sit down and pedal away.

Unlike a kayak, the Cadence is quite stable in the water. The broad stern provides excellent buoyancy under all conditions. Even a novice to the water will quickly find themselves able to handle the vessel like a pro!

Outrigger Option

For those requiring exception stability on the water, such as fishermen who wish to stand and cast their rods, we offer outriggers as an option. These are able to be installed and removed while on the water, enabling easy boarding and disembarking at docks. You can deploy and use one or both while on the water, depending on your requirements.

With outriggers deployed, riders have traveled in conditions such as are found in Washington's Deception Pass, with strong tidal currents, waves of up to 6 feet (from all directions), and up to 35 knot winds!

Open Water Cycling and Team Pedalcraft

The Cadence has proven itself to be a worthy competitor in open water races with all manner of human powered watercraft, even when laden with cargo!

Be sure to visit our What's New page for news of our racing team as well as for information regarding demonstrations and shows at which Open Water Cycling’s Cadence pedal boats will be on display.

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